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Catch Every Wave with the Campus Point Surf Camera

Are you a passionate surfer looking to capture every moment of your thrilling rides? Look no further than the Campus Point Surf Camera. This camera is a surfer’s dream, designed specifically to withstand the rough conditions of the ocean and capture every detail of your ride. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the Campus Point Surf Camera’s features and how it can help you become a better surfer.

Capture Every Epic Ride: Top Surf Cameras in 2024

Surfing is a thrilling dance with the ocean, and capturing those unforgettable moments can be just as exhilarating. But with constant spray, crashing waves, and the need for hands-free control, choosing the right camera is crucial. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a passionate beginner, having the perfect surf camera can help you:

  • Relive the Stoke: Immerse yourself in the memories by capturing crisp, high-quality footage of your rides. Analyze barrel sections, shred through maneuvers, and relive the pure joy of conquering a wave.
  • Improve Your Technique: Become a better surfer by reviewing your footage. Identify areas for improvement, track your progress over time, and gain valuable insights to take your surfing to the next level.
  • Share the Stoke with the World: Stoke out your friends and family with stunning footage of your surfing adventures. Share your videos on social media and inspire others to catch their own waves.

So, what are the top contenders in the 2024 surf camera game? Let’s dive into two popular options:

1. Campus Point Surf Camera:

Designed specifically for the harsh ocean environment, the Campus Point Surf Camera boasts impressive features:

Durable Design for Harsh Conditions

The Campus Point Surf Camera features a waterproof casing, making it perfect for capturing footage in the ocean. It’s also designed to be lightweight and easy to mount to your surfboard or helmet. So, whether you’re taking on big waves or just enjoying a leisurely ride, the Campus Point Surf Camera can handle it all.

High-Quality Footage

With its 4K resolution and wide-angle lens, the Campus Point Surf Camera captures stunning footage of the waves and your ride. The camera also has built-in image stabilization, ensuring smooth and steady footage even in rough conditions. So, you can be sure that every moment of your ride will be captured in high quality.

Easy-to-Use Controls

The Campus Point Surf Camera has a simple design with just a few buttons, making it easy to start and stop recording or switch between modes. The camera also has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can easily transfer your footage to your smartphone or computer for editing and sharing.

Improve Your Surfing Skills

One of the best things about the Campus Point Surf Camera is that it can help you improve your surfing skills. By reviewing your footage, you can analyze your technique, identify areas for improvement, and track your progress over time. It’s like having a personal coach with you on every ride.

2. GoPro HERO11– Best Recommended  Campus Point Surf Camera

GoPro HERO11 is a popular action camera and it uses for surfing and other outdoor activities. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Waterproof Design: The GoPro HERO11 is designed to be waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) without an additional housing, making it suitable for use in the ocean.
  2. High-Quality Footage: With its 5.3K resolution and advanced image stabilization, the camera can capture high-quality footage of your surfing adventures, even in choppy waters.
  3. Live Streaming: The GoPro HERO11 has a built-in live streaming feature that allows you to share your surfing sessions with your followers in real-time.
  4. Voice Control: The camera has voice control capabilities, allowing you to start and stop recording, take photos, and switch between modes hands-free.
  5. Touch Screen: The camera has a touch screen display that makes it easy to adjust settings, preview footage, and navigate menus.
  6. HyperSmooth 4.0: This feature provides ultra-smooth footage, making it ideal for capturing the fast-paced action of surfing.
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Overall, the GoPro HERO11 is a powerful and versatile camera that is well-suited for surfing and other outdoor activities. With its high-quality footage, waterproof design, and advanced features such as live streaming and voice control, it’s a popular choice among action camera enthusiasts.

Some pros and cons of GoPro HERO11:


  1. Durable and waterproof casing that can withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean.
  2. High-quality footage with 4K resolution and a wide-angle lens.
  3. Built-in image stabilization for smooth and steady footage even in rough conditions.
  4. Lightweight and easy to mount to your surfboard or helmet.
  5. Simple controls with just a few buttons, making it easy to start and stop recording or switch between modes.
  6. Built-in Wi-Fi for easy footage transfer to your smartphone or computer for editing and sharing.
  7. A valuable tool for improving your surfing skills by reviewing your footage, analyzing your technique, identifying areas for improvement, and tracking your progress over time.


  1. The camera’s battery life may not be sufficient for longer surfing sessions, requiring you to carry additional batteries or a power bank.
  2. Some users may find the camera’s design and controls to be too basic or limited, especially compared to more advanced action cameras on the market.

Choosing the Right Camera for You:

Both the Campus Point Surf Camera and GoPro HERO11 are excellent options, but the best choice depends on your specific needs:

  • Simplicity and Durability: If you prioritize ease of use and a camera built specifically for surfing’s harsh conditions, the Campus Point Surf Camera might be the perfect fit.
  • Versatility and Advanced Features: If you’re looking for a feature-packed action camera for various adventures beyond surfing, the GoPro HERO11 offers an impressive range of capabilities.

Overall, the Campus Point Surf Camera is an excellent tool for any surfer looking to capture and improve their surfing skills. While it may have some limitations, such as battery life and basic controls, its durability, high-quality footage, and built-in Wi-Fi make it a valuable addition to any surfing kit.


The Campus Point Surf GoPro 11 Camera is the perfect tool for capturing the thrill of surfing and improving your skills. Its durable design, high-quality footage, and easy-to-use controls make it a must-have for any passionate surfer. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Campus Point Surf Camera today and start capturing every moment of your rides.

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