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Tech battalions is a business-process integrator and provider of integrated tech products with 10-year experience. Our portfolio includes a great number of successfully integrated reviews ranging from drones, cameras, walkie-talkies, and others tech supply through to consulting and further implementation of technology and business-processes automation. In long-lasting collaboration with our viewers, we define, explain, and deliver technology solutions that fully meet tech lovers' requirements. Furthermore, Tech battalions provide professional support and supervision of deployed and existing tech products and solutions. And in order for you to benefit significantly we offer the most relevant and intuitive tech-reviewing articles with the assistance of our industry-leading & highly-qualified instructors.

Tech battalions Expert’s agility to enhance industries in relationships with leading vendors, such as DJI Drone, Canon, Motorolla, and others, have made it their trusted partner. As a long-lasting partner, we have acquired a wide scope of technology expertise in order to deliver reliable solutions which integrate infrastructure and business-process automation together. Tech battalions Experts have significant expertise accumulated over these 10 years of specialized work with all kinds of enterprises, including leading tech-related brands and world companies or public institutions.

Our long-term strategy lies within the improvement of our viewers' business performance by improving the efficiency of their information systems. Combining exceptional experience, and comprehensive capabilities across all tech industries and business processes, guided by the world’s most tech successful practices, Tech battalions Expert collaborates with clients to help them become to have great cinematography and high-performance service.


Our Approach

Smooth integration becomes vitally important and there’s a demand for flexible technology structures that can be scaled rapidly according to the needs of the growing technological products.

In recent years it became widely thought that good products depend on strong reviews and performances from verified tech experts. One can say that such collaboration is absolutely essential to the development of your product services. We’ve made a habit of finding custom approaches and giving our viewers proper reviews with pros and cons for beneficial relationships with our readers.

Among these benefits it is recognized that it helps our readers to gain a deeper understanding of tech business priorities and objectives, in turn, resulting in technology-based solutions which will fulfill the business’s needs completely. It also makes working more efficient and productive. Sharing the vision and strategy of your reviews we become a part of your product experience and it helps to acquire greater consolation of the successful project implementation.



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Did you come here for something in particular or

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Did you come here for something in particular or

Niki lobanov

Did you come here for something in particular or